Southern Africa’s shortage of skilled internal labour in the many disciplines identified by the country as essential to its growth prospects is often emphasised.

From engineers required in the mining and budding oil exploration industries to artisans expected to bring about their own employment for self and others, the lack of skilled local workers has become a regular complaint from industry.

Namibia and South Africa are still young countries with a young workforce and huge potential. Creating, developing and stimulating the right skills and work ethics are vital.

But in these countries there seems to be a large disconnect between what is being taught and what the actual employers expect recent graduates to know and do. This poses a challenge as neither side gets what they want. Because the employers don’t believe they can get the skilled people locally, they source them from abroad. There’s a large reliance on expatriates for skilled work e.g. in Namibia, which doesn’t maximise the developmental efforts of the country. This means that instead of trying to remedy the situation by improving the own students and graduates the companies are hiding from the problem. VoB is creating real solutions for these problems. We basically serve as a coordination hub between the students and companies.

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