VoB focuses on improving higher education in developing countries; ensuring graduates meet the requirements of the job market, contribute to economic development and counteract the lack of work readiness that has been experienced.

Through university-enterprise-cooperation projects with the participation of German and Southern African industry are able to benchmark international best practice. Local companies gives students the ‘hands-on’ experience that all employers demand from their potential employees. Students will gain a significant ‘competitive advantage’ over their peers in taking part in this project because it will give them ‘real-world’ experiences in an actual working environment, boosting their CV and chances in the very competitive job market.

Objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • the development of structured partnerships with business-partners and other enterprise-stakeholders, in order to bring about a systematic practical relevance in the courses of studies in the partner country;
  • the development of job market oriented study programmes and the establishment of business-relevant expertise in higher education institutions in developing countries;
  • transmission of specialist, academic and so-called "soft skills" through joint activities between higher education institutions and business-partners;
  • improvement of existing degree programmes through design of new courses of studies aligned with the requirements of the local and regional economy;
  • creation of long-term dialogue and cooperation models for enterprises and universities in Germany and in the developing country;
  • expansion of economic relations between the German economy and the economies of the partner countries;
  • Broadens participation in the research enterprise, and helps prepare an innovative, diverse, and skilled workforce.

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