About us

Approach of the project

Our approach is to take a business problem and put different students, from different disciplines on a team and have them come up with a complete solution.

Businesses needs to move away from the mind-state that this is doing the students a favour. E.g. in Namibia, you cannot easily get rid of someone once you have appointed them. This is an option to gain resources at a fraction of the cost, and it is not a permanent arrangement.

Preparing students for the dynamic, ever changing world of work is in short what the organisation sets out to do. This gives the students a head start in their professional career, positioning them for success and sustained development.

New challenge for students

Even with the well internship programme that every university has implemented nowadays, students were still experiencing lack of soft skills, such as presentation skills, conflict resolutions skills, communication skills, business etiquette, corporate culture and dress code. To tackle the lack of these soft skills, VoB wants to undertake a well-structured compulsory seminar for the students before they go out into the work environment.

What we are doing in VoB

We are the go-between between the students, the universities and the different companies that have placements for students. Projects and tasks are often left undone in a company because there simply isn’t the manpower. With the students who are prepared by VoB they can really get to grips with a relevant project that contributes to the running of the organisation and the organisation benefits from having this project fulfilled. Giving these students a fully formed project to work on motivates them and stimulates them into achieving real results that benefit the organisation they work for and themselves. This in turn encourages the organisations to be more receptive to having students work for them.

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