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What happened so far in 2015?

by Redakteur

At the Kick-Off meeting that was held on 16 February 2015, the Project Team was formed as well as the responsibilities of partners were fixed. The meeting discussion resulted in the agreement of project activities, milestones, staff exchange and each institution to conduct a need analysis that will inform the structure and content of a preparatory.

The staff exchange consisted of representatives from NUST and VUT hosted at Wismar University in Germany for a period of four months from May – August 2015 to work jointly on the course development. During the partners stay in Wismar the time was also utilise to visit the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and several companies in order to familiarise themselves with the industry that HSW work with.

We focused on the development of the preparatory course which is intended to prepare students for the world of work. The course emanated from the need analysis done collaboratively between three partner universities. Each university consulted local industry to establish what skills industry require from a well-rounded graduate. Industry highlighted the lack of employability skills among graduate. Further to this step, each institution assessed the need of the course through conducting a SWOT analysis. A comparison of the differences and similarities between the different institutions was done and a holistic SWOT was developed. This combined SWOT pointed to the need for a preparatory course that can enhance the employability of students.

The development process is envisaged to result in the new developed course to satisfy the accreditation criteria of both Africa’s universities Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC). A technical working group will be formed and work on the formal recognition of the course. The major outcome expected by the project is the inter-institutional recognition of the course by the partner universities in South Africa and Namibia and in the longer term Wismar University.

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