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Arrival in South Africa

by Redakteur

My accommodation is not bad - so I had breakfast at KFC.

Afterwards I headed up to VUT, took the wrong turn, found myself in a mean township. And the only thing I thought was: "Just keep driving, do not stop. No matter what happens, do not stop."

Well, I made it through all difficulties and finally arrived at VUT:

  • Discussed the VoB module with Robert and Venessa.
  • Robert had a great idea about kind of a mini Ideacamp as preparation for the international Ideacamp 2018.
  • We discussed some issues about our website.
  • For lunch Venessa showed me a students canteen. And canteen is definitely the right word - loud, narrow, physical contact unavoidable. I took chips and chicken. It was a little spicy.

So this was my first day in South Africa. I'm looking forward to the following.

Kind regards,
Dr. Hartmut Domröse

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